Glock magazine based 9mm AR-15 Carbine

G9 - 9mm AR Complete
Project "G9"

First off, let's get the legal stuff out of the way - Information Purposes Only, Consult your local FFL/Armorer before embarking on ANY firearms build, wear eye protection, cover your butt with the proper paperwork, measure twice and think again before cutting, etc.

Lone Wolf G9 Lower Receiver

This is a build featuring the new Lone Wolf G9 Lower receiver (featured at the 2009 Shot Show, ordered 26 January 2011, received June 2011), which uses Glock factory .380ACP, 9mm, .357Sig, .40S&W, or .45GAP magazines and a appropriate bore AR upper receiver.

Spike's Tactical 9mm AR Upper Receiver

This is a 16" barrel, 9mm (AKA: 9?9mm, 9mm Parabellum, 9mm Luger, 9mm NATO) version based on the original AR-15, but is a blow-back design (i.e.: just as dirty as Gas Impingement System, but without hassles of a gas tube).  The 9mm choice is out of necessity, as the .40S&W uppers are awaiting production.  Since I already have a G22 (.40S&W) pistol, and a 9mm conversion barrel/mags for training, this works well.

These are the current Glock model magazines and their status: (Only Gen 3 and Gen 4 magazines tested)
Tested by Rogue Armorer, Probable - not yet tested, G9 Unsupported (See G10).

17, 17L, 17C (and KDI Asian Contract Magazines) 9mm - 17C not reported by LWD - 10, 17 and 33rnd
18, 18C 9mm - Not reported by LWD - 31, 33rnd
19, 19C 9mm - Not reported by LWD - 10rnd
20, 20C, 20SF
21, 21C, 21SF
22, 22C .40S&W - 22C not reported by LWD - 10 or 15rnd
23, 23C .40S&W - Not reported by LWD - 10 or 13rnd
24, 24C .40S&W - 24C not reported by LWD - 10 or 15rnd
* 25 - Based on 19 working - Not reported by LWD (.380ACP version not available in the US)
26 9mm - 10rnd
27 .40S&W - 9rnd
* 28 - Based on 26/27 working - Not reported by LWD (.380ACP version not available in the US)
29, 29SF
30, 30SF
31, 31C .357SIG - 31C not reported by LWD - 10 and 15rnd
32, 32C .357SIG - Not reported by LWD - 10 and 13rnd
33 .357SIG - Based of 26/27 working - Not reported by LWD
34 9mm
35 .40S&W
37 .45GAP - Based on 19 working - Not reported by LWD
38 .45GAP - Based on 19 working - Not reported by LWD
39 .45GAP - Based on 26/27 working - Not reported by LWD

"L" = Long Slide variant
"C" = Compensated models
*Most magazines may use the +2 floorplate - check manufacturers recommendations.

Parts List:
1.  Any .380ACP/9mm/.357Sig/.40S&W/.45GAP upper with the "Colt" style Upper Receiver fly cut for a USGI Hammer
    - My choice was the Spike's 9mm Upper as it was tested with the Gen I Lone Wolf Lower, and purchased from Lone Wolf.
2.  Lone Wolf R&D US made "G9" Lower Receiver (FFL Transfer)
    - Specifically because this version uses a STANDARD Lower Parts Kit, making it 100% swappable with other AR parts; commercial, Mil Spec or custom.

If this were a perfect world, that is all you would need, but we know better...

More parts:
- Rear Sight, there are none - I used the MAGPUL MBUS
- Magazines (5 minimum) of the same caliber as the upper, full capacity magazines that work with your Glock pistol are preferred.

Glock 17/18 magazines and one KCI

Personal Preference:
- The lower parts kit that was installed in the Lone Wolf R&D lower receivers I received (2) were junk less than desirable, but when replaced with a name brand "Mil Spec" parts kit, 90% of the issues were resolved. - I used DPMS, based on availability and previous experience.
- Buffer and Buffer Spacer - I used the Spike's ST-T2 Tungsten filled Buffer and the ST-9BS Buffer Spacer, this prevents over-travel of the BCG, slows the cyclic rate and reduces recoil.
- Provided Stock and Grip are "Mil-Spec"/lowest bidder/loose parts, not bad, just nothing special.  Best bet is waiting on a BARE lower.
- Trigger - stock "Mil Spec" sucks - I used a DPMS trigger modified by Bill Springfield .
- KNS Precision Gen 2 Mod 2 Non-Rotating Trigger and Hammer Pin kit.
- MAGPUL CTR® Carbine Stock, Commercial-Spec Model (Black)
- MAGPUL MOE® - MAGPUL® Original Equipment Grips (Black)
- MAGPUL MOE® - MAGPUL® Original Equipment Hand Guard, Carbine-Length (Black)
- MAGPUL MBUS® - MAGPUL® Back-Up Sight, Rear GEN 1 (Black)
- MAGPUL ASAP® - Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point (Black)
- MAGPUL MS2® - Multi Mission Sling System (Black)
- MAGPUL AFG® - Angled Fore Grip (Black)
- MAGPUL MOE® - MAGPUL® Original Equipment Polymer Rail Section, 11 Slots (Size L5) (Black)
- Burris AR-F3 Mount - integrates mount, riser, all tools and spare battery in to a single rattle-free package!
- DMPS "The Wedge"
- DMPS "Receiver Rug" (Molded)
- TACTICAL SUPPLY DEPOT Extended Take down and Pivot Pins ("Bio-hazard")
- BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle (5.56mm/.223) w/ Mod 4 (MEDIUM) Latch

Do not order:
- Aftermarket trigger guard - it is integral
- Aftermarket gap plug ("The Gapper") - there is no "gap" between the trigger guard and grip
- Extended Take down and Pivot Pins with any logo that cannot be rotated 90° (Only "Bio-hazard" or plain work)

Improvements over standard lower receiver:
- The Take down Pin detent and spring mount from the GRIP, not the Receiver Extension Buffer Tube End Plate.
- Integral "Enhanced Trigger Guard" ("over sized" or "Winter"), makes for smooth lines and no gap.

If you ordered just parts 1 and 2 (above), none.
Any accessories will require various screwdrivers, wrenches and possible an Armorers Wrench and a torque wrench.

- Upper: Tested and broken in on a Bushmaster DCM/Target Lower with NO issues whatsoever (other than having to feed/eject rounds manually)
- Parts 1&2: Tested in small groups, cleaned and inspected at intervals.
Had issues with the "grittiness" of the LPK parts, no malfunctions
Destroyed 2 buffers before a rough buffer pin was determined to be the cause.

- Upper: NO issues whatsoever (other than having to feed/eject rounds manually)
- Lower: Had issues with the "grittiness" of the LPK parts, but no malfunctions.  Destroyed 2 buffers before a rough buffer pin was identified as the cause.  Lone Wolf offered a refund and stated there were some issues that are being addressed in future versions.
- No last round bolt hold open feature (pre-disclosed, but still disappointing).

Looks: Awesome!!!! ...but judge for yourself: (Stage 1 - Assembled with optics)

G9 - 9mm AR Complete

Stage 2
- After customizing with the LPK, Spike's buffer, buffer spacer, furniture and optics it felt MUCH better.

Stage 3
- prepped DPMS trigger, Trigger Rug and KNS Anti-Rotation Pins installed - trigger function/feel is greatly improved.

Stage 4 - Pending
- MAGPUL BAD® Lever to make up for the lack of a last round bolt hold open.
- DPMS Original "push-pin" Design Firing Pin Retainer by Eugene Stoner - requires redrilling BCG.
- Custom Tungsten BCG rear weight.

Undecided (in order of preference):
- Spike's CAR-1 (blank) "Fake Can" to hide the M203 cuts or
- Mid-length Free-float tube with mid-length hand guard and fold down front sight or
- Rifle length Free-float tube with rifle length hand guard ("Dissipator" look) and fold down front sight.

"In any task, I believe you should arm yourself with knowledge, quality training and the best "tools" you can find.
Don't accept things are the way you've been told - approach things with an open mind, test, retest and verify."
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